I make music, you listen, we smile

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I apologize for the recent neglect.  I’ll be back to posting more as we continue down the Tanko beat timeline.  More good music coming your way and don’t forget to follow and check out the soundcloud 


May 02 2012
Sampled Sergio Mendes’s & Brazil 66’s Chove Chuva
available for free download as usual
Thanks for listening everyone

Sampled from the great Sergio Mendes and the Brasil 66 another Tanko classic

As always, free download.

A classic Tanko throwback that I also helped out on

It’s kind of hard to believe I finished this beat in less then two days.
Thanks for listening everyone, enjoy.
I sampled Telepopmusik’s Breathe and Putumayo Presents’ Consolacao.
This song is purely for you, and is available for free download.

A tanko throback to help soothe your soul 

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