photo Lanaremixcopy700_zps28382d80.jpg To think this track started from a simple text request. Thank you so much for the inspiration Sir Thompson! This track proved to be quite the headache in the making. After all the pulled hairs i’m finally happy to release it! Keep In mind this is a BOOTLEG remix. I do not own the samples (i’m a broke ass mf) This is for recreational use and is as always FREE for download. Any rappers interested in rapping in a hiphop variation of this track please contact me at: tankobeats@aol.com or personal message me on here. Thank you! Enjoy.


1st Official Single Off My Debut Mixtape, Half Way Home

Twitter: @JbTheFirst_
Produced by @Tankobeats
Featuring @TRawww21 
Facebook: Jb The First

Mixed by HeadAche of Classick Studios

Artwork by Hued Productions

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